By Christopher Shade, PhD
June 27, 2019

The ketogenic diet has taken the wellness world by storm, with health professionals and laypeople alike touting its remarkable health benefits. While patient enthusiasm is often high at the beginning of a ketogenic diet, many people fall off the “keto bandwagon” due to the diet’s restrictive nature. Ketosis-supporting phytonutrients offer a novel solution to this problem, allowing your patients to break a strict ketogenic diet with some healthy carbohydrates while seamlessly re-entering ketosis the next day. This strategy promotes metabolic flexibility and makes keto a...

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Ketogenic Foods
By Maxwell Crispo, ND

The ketogenic diet is gaining increasing attention and popularity in the mainstream. The name and concept, unknown to most only a few years ago, is now well-recognized in many North American households. Medical literature, however, dates back as far as the Hippocratic era investigating the therapeutic efficacy of dietary interventions that induce ketosis.1 While varying degrees of clinical evidence supports this nutritional modification in conditions such as epilepsy,Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s,3 brain tumours,4 and obesity,5 the...

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