Allergy Research Group® Announces the Launch of Nutrition In Focus

Allergy Research Group Nutrition in Focus


August 24, 2018

Times, they are a changing, and the educational content coming to you via Allergy Research Group is seeing some upgrades too. In conjunction with Clinical Education®, Allergy Research Group is happy to share the new internet-based educational resource Nutrition In Focus!

Nutrition In Focus will bring you high-quality, evidence-based writing, similar to the content you have grown to love and depend on in the Focus newsletters. The articles found on Nutrition In Focus will be slightly less technical, geared at a wider audience, and easier to search and share.

You can also follow Nutrition In Focus on Facebook, and share your favorite reads on your personal or professional page. The content found on Nutrition In Focus will always be advertisement-free and is fully searchable and with tags and links to related educational content.

Even if you are already a subscriber to Allergy Research Group emails and our Focus newsletter, to receive notification when a new practice-enhancing article is released, you will need to sign up directly at Nutrition In Focus. Sign up now and don’t miss a beat!

Go ahead, check it out – enlightening info is just a click away! (Fun fact – A sloth has an average gastric transit time of 150 hours, and a stomach pH of 7.4. Learn more!)