STAIR Integrative Residency Program Announces Two New Residency Sites in 2014

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STAIR Integrative Residency Program Announces Two New Residency Sites in 2014

GREEN BAY, WI (December 9, 2013) – Integrative Therapeutics is pleased to announce the 2014 residency STAIR™ Integrative Residency sites as Diamond Springs Wellness Center in Midway, UT and Wholeness Center in Fort Collins, CO. The STAIR Program was created to support hands-on knowledge that helps shape the future of naturopathic medicine. It was designed to bridge the divide between naturopathic and conventional care, providing a unique opportunity for integrative medicine practices to host new naturopathic graduates.

Mandy Kraynik, Vice President of Integrative Therapeutics stated, “We are very excited to offer these two new residencies. Each year, the STAIR Integrative Residency program helps to eliminate the boundaries that often exist between naturopathic and conventional care and provides a real world experience for two extremely talented residents.”

Diamond Springs Wellness Center offers practice under Dr. Tineke Malus, ND, who has received advanced training in anti-aging and restorative medicine including bio-identical hormone replacement. The resident will practice in partnership with Dr. Judith Moore, DO, who is board certified in Family Practice and Holistic and Integrative Medicine. Dr. Moore has been in practice for 23 years and will offer the opportunity to learn about her role as Medical Director at Diamond Springs Wellness Center.

Wholeness Center will provide mentorship from Dr. Mary Rondeau, ND, RH (AHG) who maintains a general family practice with an emphasis on mental health. Her goal is to be a support network and a learning launch pad for new graduates to educate on the numerous possibilities of success for a naturopath. The resident who earns this position will also spend time practicing with guidance under Dr. Scott Shannon, MD, ABIHM, who has been instrumental in the creation of a holistic and integrative perspective in psychiatry for well over a decade.

Two highly qualified naturopathic graduates will be matched with these successful integrative medical practices for a unique, advanced training and mentorship opportunity. Integrative Therapeutics pays these residents $30,000 while they gain valuable experience assisting in the full spectrum of clinic life. Interested students should apply now; applications are due January 13, 2014.

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