Canadian Researcher Michael Lyon, MD, Explains the Role PolyGlycopleX Can Play in Reversing Obesity

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Approximate listening time is 30 minutes

Michael Lyon, MD, is an adjunct professor at the University of British Columbia's Food, Nutrition and Health Program. He has designed and conducted numerous clinical trials on natural health products and is currently the medical and research director for the Canadian Centre for Functional Medicine, a multidisciplinary, university affiliated, clinical research institute. His current focus in research and clinical practice is on the treatment of obesity, human appetite regulation, and diabetes prevention. He has published several books, textbook chapters (including 3 Chapters in the Textbook of Natural Medicine), and numerous articles in peer-reviewed medical journals (12 published studies on PGX in the last year). He has been given the 2011 Clinician of the Year Award by the Natural Products Association.


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