Probiotics in Clinical Practice

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By Natural Medicine Journal

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According to registered pharmacist and best-selling author Suzy Cohen, probiotics affect gene activity in a positive and collaborative way. "These gut bugs work together with each other in their internal communities to aid with digestion, fend off pathogens, and create essential nutrients and vitamins," Cohen explains. In this interview she discusses the clinical use of probiotics from the perspective of an integrative pharmacist.

(Approximate listening time is 20 minutes.)

About the Expert

Suzy Cohen, RPh, is a graduate of the University of Florida and has been a licensed pharmacist for nearly 20 years. People call her "America's Most Trusted Pharmacist" because she has spent the last 10 years writing a syndicated column on health that reaches millions of people each week. People write to her from all over the world and thank her for giving them natural options, or for helping them stay safe on medications they need to take. She realizes the importance and need for medications, but prefers to think outside the pillbox. For more information about Suzy Cohen vist

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