Exploring the Link Between Inflammation, Heart Disease, and Depression With Cardiology Expert, Decker Weiss, NMD, FASA

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By Natural Medicine Journal

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Decker Weiss, NMD, FASA, is recognized as a leading expert in the area of naturopathic cardiology. In this interview, he describes how inflammation can negatively affect not only cardiovascular health, but neurological health as well. He provides some foundational advice regarding lab tests and dietary supplements that he uses in his clinical practice.
Approximate listening time: 16 minutes

About the Expert

Decker Weiss, NMD, FASA, is the first naturopathic physician to complete conventional internship, residency, and fellowship in a conventional medical system. Weiss trained in the Columbia Hospital system, the Arizona Heart Hospital, Phoenix, and the Arizona Heart Institute and is the founder of the Scottsdale Heart Institute. He is the first of his profession to speak and educate for the Cleveland Clinic.

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