Biocidin Botanicals

A natural solution for our time

Biocidin Botanicals® is a leader in botanical supplements and a pioneer in microbiome health.

Our broad-spectrum botanical blend Biocidin® was formulated in 1989 in response to challenging health conditions related to microbial imbalances.

Today, our complete line of clinically effective, evidence-based products is helping millions of patients achieve vibrant health and wellness through the power of botanicals.

A valued resource for your practice

Biocidin Botanicals® continues to lead the way in functional and integrative medicine innovation, thanks to the expertise of our in-house clinical team and our eight-member Scientific Advisory Board.

To best support your practice and patients, we offer educational content and interactive webinars created exclusively for healthcare practitioners through our Biocidin Academy. In addition, we offer wholesale pricing, product usage protocols, and online consultations through our Biocidin Professional portal.

Visit us to learn more about our benefits for practitioners and to sign up for a practitioner account.