CV Sciences

PlusCBD™ Oil by CV Sciences, is the #1 hemp CBD supplement brand in the natural products industry. In business since 2012, PlusCBD™ Oil is committed to pioneering the CBD Evolution™ as the leading producer of quality hemp-derived CBD products.

Quality Hemp CBD

To ensure only the highest quality hemp CBD products, the state-of-the-art in-house laboratory refines all PlusCBD™ Oil full spectrum extract formulas, and tests them for quality prior to formulation. Throughout the manufacturing process, each batch is tested repeatedly by both our lab and a third-party lab to ensure all quality standards are met. From the moment the hemp seeds are placed in the ground to laboratory testing for safety to putting the product on the store shelf, PlusCBD™ Oil ensures quality from Seed to Shelf™.

Safety and Efficacy of PlusCBD™ Oil

PlusCBD™ Oil products have been used in many human clinical case studies, supporting the efficacy of PlusCBD™ Oil supplements. PlusCBD™ Oil is the first ever brand to receive self-affirmed Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) status for full spectrum hemp extracts. These efforts in science and research are to establish PlusCBD™ Oil as a hemp CBD brand you can trust, and to further solidify the place of hemp CBD supplements in the marketplace.

As pioneers of the hemp CBD industry and founding members of the US Hemp Roundtable, PlusCBD™ Oil takes great responsibility in setting an industry standard for companies promoting the manufacture, sale, and distribution of quality hemp products. In alliance with essential trade organizations, such as Hemp Industries Association and the American Herbal Products Association, PlusCBD™ Oil is a true advocate for hemp and expert in natural products.

PlusCBD™ Oil Products

The PlusCBD™ Oil line comes in a variety of concentrations, delivery systems, and flavors, to suit everyone’s preferences. From topicals to sprays to softgels to gummies, there is a product for each individual to fit all needs

ProCBD™ Oil Practitioner Exclusives

ProCBD™ Oil is a line of practitioner exclusive products with higher CBD potency that are not available for retail sale outside of the practitioner channel. To learn more contact us here.