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Created by industry thought leader, Dr. Chris Shade, Quicksilver Scientific is a leading manufacturer of advanced nutritional systems with a focus on detoxification. Quicksilver Scientific specializes in superior liposomal delivery systems and heavy metal testing to support optimal health. Their advanced liposomal supplements are highly absorbable and support the body in the elimination of ubiquitous toxins, enabling people to achieve their genetic potential.

Quicksilver Scientific’s mission is to create protocols that restore the body at a foundational level then introduce supplements to build it to its potential, teaming together individuals and practitioners with an evolved approach to health. The company’s philosophy is to weave a thread between modern science and ancient healing modalities to create advanced protocols that restore and strengthen the body.

Quicksilver Scientific’s signature Quicksilver Delivery Systems™ offer superior delivery for your detox. Quicksilver’s liposomes are small and stable, made from the highest quality ingredients available and provide a way for supplements to pass between mucosal cells and enter the bloodstream directly. Our liposomes are clear, not milky or separated, and are made in single-layer spheres for optimal bioavailability.

Nearly all Quicksilver Scientific products are manufactured on-site at its Lafayette, Colorado, manufacturing facility. Quicksilver Scientific manufactures health supplements according to cGMP regulations and strict quality control guidelines. These FDA guidelines are the standard in ensuring that products are designed, monitored, and controlled at every stage of the manufacturing process. In compliance with cGMP standards, Quicksilver Scientific assesses and validates the identity, strength, quality, and purity of every one of their products. In addition to their own products, Quicksilver also manufactures products for some of the top brands in the nutraceutical industry.

Quicksilver Scientific is also the exclusive North American distributor of Original Quinton™ organic seawater health & wellness products. This pure seawater is harvested from a unique plankton bloom in the Atlantic Ocean using the same protocols developed by revolutionary biologist René Quinton. Original Quinton uniquely supports every aspect of human physiology - cellular & genetic nutrition, extracellular matrix, detoxification, natural rehydration, immune support, intestinal wellness, reproductive health and overall hygiene. It is revered as the only raw, unheated, seawater product available and no other seawater product offers this level of history, research, and clinical credibility.

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To learn more about Dr. Shade and Quicksilver Scientific® watch Dr. Shade’s Story.

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