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Established in 1962, QuinTron Instrument Company manufactured gas chromatographs (GC) for respiratory gas analysis in the pulmonary field. A gastroenterologist approached us in the 1970s seeking analysis of trace concentrations of hydrogen which led us to manufacture GCs specifically for breath tests in 1978. In 1981 we introduced our first analyzer for this special application and from that time forward, QuinTron became dedicated to this special field and developed multiple lines of analyzers and accessories which are marketed around the world and are considered the best-in-industry.

QuinTron is an ISO 13485 certified medical device manufacturing company. Known for being “Experts in Breath Testing” and products for Hydrogen/Methane breath testing referred to as the “gold-standard” for exceptional quality patented breath test kits and unrivaled precision of our BreathTracker analyzers.

Take the Guesswork Out of Gas Work

Based on the size of the practice and the services offered, practitioners have a choice in how to provide breath testing to their patients. Some practitioners prefer to have a QuinTron BreathTracker on-site which allows them to have immediate information to best treat their patients. Other practitioners elect to participate in a kit program which allows them to dispense QuinTron breath test kits to their patients which allows their patients to easily collect their own samples at home or work. The samples are then submitted to a facility where analysis is performed on the latest Breath Testing system.

Quality Assurance

QuinTron’s BreathTracker SC is considered the ‘gold-standard’ in breath hydrogen/methane testing for carbohydrate malabsorption/intolerance and Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO). In addition to measuring hydrogen and methane in parts-per-million (ppm), the BreathTracker SC utilizes an added feature for sample contamination detection and correction based on carbon dioxide (CO2) measured in every sample, ensuring quality analysis. When measuring each sample for both hydrogen and methane, the amount of false-negatives decreases which allows patients to receive the most comprehensive and accurate test results they deserve.

For more information, visit www.breathtests.com.

2019 Integrative SIBO Conference

Quintron Instrument Company is a proud sponsor of the 2019 Integrative SIBO Conference to be held April 12-14, 2019 at the W Seattle!

This brand new program will showcase a variety of advanced topics as they relate to Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) and the master MICROBIOME. With momentum picking up in our 3rd year hosting the Integrative SIBO Conference, we will host a brand-new line-up of international speakers, as well as several alumni who will take the stage to contribute their expertise as exclusive guest panelists. This world-class event is now internationally recognized, and this year will be welcoming experts in the field of immunology and veterinary medicine!

​12 CEU/CME credits to be applied for; qualifies for MDs, DOs, NDs, DCs and Nurse Practitioners

Click Here for more information on the event, speakers, special conference hotel rates, and to register!