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Top 10 Most Popular Articles of 2016

By Natural Medicine Journal
From food/drug interactions and fat intake's effects on breast cancer risk to forest therapy and a fresh take on the free radical theory of aging, this year's NMJ contributors expanded our understanding of natural medicine in diverse and important ways. Take a look at our annual retrospective of the most popular articles we published in 2016, and let us know if you have a favorite that didn't make the list.

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Changes Coming to Natural Medicine Journal

By Natural Medicine Journal
In the coming weeks, you'll notice changes to the Natural Medicine Journal site, aimed at improving usability and publishing timely content. Let us know what you think!

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Innovative Dipeptide Compound Helps Support GI Health

By Natural Medicine Journal
In this podcast, Danielle Citrolo, PharmD, describes how a unique combination of L-glutamine and L-alanine can enhance electrolyte and water absorption in the intestines, stimulate glycogen synthesis, inhibit muscle protein breakdown and promote the synthesis of muscle protein.

Peer-Reviewed Articles

A Hydrolyzed Casein Standardized to Lactotripeptides for Support of Vascular Health

By Ginny Bank, MS
Lactotripeptides (LTPs) found in fermented milk have been shown to have potential antihypertensive properties by acting as angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors. A standardized LTP product, with levels of LTP higher than what is available from dairy products, has also been shown in both in vitro and animal models to induce nitric oxide (NO) production and attenuate atherosclerosis. Clinical research has confirmed that LTP can promote vasodilation, improve endothelial function, and mitigate arterial stiffness in prehypertensive and hypertensive subjects. In this review of published research on the standardized LTP product, we discuss its established mechanisms of action and the randomized placebo-controlled clinical trials that document its potential beneficial effects on cardiovascular health.

Abstracts & Commentary

Acetaminophen and Risk of Behavioral Problems in Children

By Michael T. Murray, ND, and Karolyn A. Gazella
Associations between prenatal use of acetaminophen and behavioral problems in children adds to concerns about the safety of what is widely considered to be a benign over-the-counter remedy for pain and fever.

Colorectal Cancer Risk Reduction Using Metformin

By Davis W. Lamson, ND
Last month we learned of metformin’s anticancer benefits in breast cancer. This month we review the evidence for its potential to prevent colorectal cancer. And again we ask, “What place does metformin have in natural medicine?”

Benefits of Elderberry for Symptoms of Common Cold in Air Travelers

By Michael Traub, ND, DHANP, FABNO
In this placebo-controlled study, elderberry extract reduced symptoms and duration of common colds related to air travel, but the quality of the study raises some concerns.







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