Harry Hong

PhD, LAc

Harry Hong, PhD, LAc, was originally trained in China as a medical doctor and specializes in traditional Chinese medicine. He practiced medicine in China for many years before coming to the United States in 1989, where he received his master’s and doctoral degrees in molecular biology and biochemistry. He also did postdoctoral research in the National Institutes of Health and the Medical Center of the University of Illinois at Chicago. Hong has been practicing holistic medicine in the Chicago area since 1998 and in South Florida since 2013. With his unique background of traditional Chinese medicine, natural medicine, and Western medical science, Hong provides a one-of-the-kind holistic program to address immune dysfunction and energy imbalances. He specializes in treating allergies, asthma, autoimmune disease, and autism spectrum disorders with all-natural energetic therapies such as electrodermal screening, allergy desensitization, modern homeopathy, traditional Chinese medicine, energetic emotional therapy, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, and nutritional supplementation. He also teaches in the master’s and doctoral program at the Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine.