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Created by practitioners — for practitioners.

For over 30 years, Designs for Health (DFH) has been at the forefront of the natural and integrative medicine movement inspired by the vision of designing a well world™ for all. With over 320 researched-based nutritional products with quality-tested formulas, we continue to pioneer new approaches to nutritional science through a robust innovation pipeline, paired with uncompromising support and commitment to our practitioners’ ever-evolving needs.


At DFH, we’ve instituted foundational practices to ensure the highest quality formulations across our extensive, evidence-based product line.

Science-First™ Formulations

Our Science-First™ philosophy guides the development of our formulas that infuse quality, evidence, and science to provide practitioners with products and resources that meet the needs and demands of their patients.


DFH is GMP-certified by NSF International, demonstrating our products are produced utilizing the highest standards of manufacturing.

Quality Assurance

Our raw materials and final formulations undergo third-party testing to ensure accurate identification and potency, and to screen for unwanted contaminants.

In-House Manufacturing

We manufacture the majority of our products in our U.S.-based manufacturing facilities, so we control what goes into our formulas.

Research guides us. Wellness inspires us. Science-first formulas for optimal patient care. Learn More

DFH embodies our practitioner-centered mission with a variety of clinical, educational support programs and practice-building tools.

At DFH, we believe in science-based nutrition and the development of health-care solutions without compromise. Yet our support for health-care practitioners runs even deeper than that. Together, we aim to be your integrative business partner of choice to help drive patient outcomes, build stronger connections, and increase efficiency and revenue in your practice.

We are designing a well world™ at Designs for Health.