Jonathan Bortz


Jonathan Bortz, MD, earned his doctorate from the University of the Witwatersrand Medical School in Johannesburg, South Africa, and immigrated to the United States in 1984. He completed his internal medicine residency at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Cleveland, Ohio, and his fellowship in diabetes, endocrinology, and metabolism at Washington University in St. Louis, Mo. Before entering the pharmaceutical industry a decade ago, Dr. Bortz worked in private practice as an endocrinologist for 15 years. In 1995, he founded the Bortz Diabetes Control Center (BDCC), a full-service, integrated, multidisciplinary diabetes clinic. In 2000, he formed a company Control Diabetes Inc. to develop and deploy a web-based electronic disease management system (iControl Diabetes®) for diabetics that was licensed in the United States to Therasense (later acquired by Abbott Laboratories) and in South Africa to Roche Diagnostics. Dr. Bortz is an independent consultant to the pharmaceutical and nutritional industries and serves as the medical affairs consultant for Albion Human Nutrition.