August 30, 2018

Integrating Healthcare Practice through AIHM Fellowship

The Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine (AIHM) is an interprofessional association of integrative clinicians who embrace a person-centered, team-based approach to health care. As part of their mission to engage a community of health professionals that embrace global health traditions in the context of evidence-informed, person-centered care, they have created the AIHM Fellowship Program, a 1000-hour hybrid program that combines online learning, retreats, and clinical hours to become an AIHM Fellow in Integrative Health and Medicine. The AIHM Fellowship was approved by the American Board of Integrative Medicine (ABOIM) committee in 2015, allowing MDs and DOs who successfully complete this program to sit for the ABOIM exam.

Tabatha Parker, ND, Executive Director of AIHM, describes the Fellowship Program as a place for professionals who, “are interested in really transforming the healthcare system.” With a roster of faculty that spans traditional homeopathy to acupuncture and conventional medical care, Fellows have access to a broad range of philosophies and expertise. Three on-site residential retreats provide education in topics such as nutrition, botanical medicine, biofield therapy, yoga, and meditation. A three-day clinical immersion is also required at one of two locations: Portland, Oregon or San Diego, California.

Kathleen Ignacio, MD, FAIHM, is an AIHM Fellow and says of the training program, “The Fellowship has taught me how to do medicine in a different way, to connect better with patients, really draw out what the real issues are, the root causes. I think the Fellowship has made me a better doctor, and I think I’m better at doing what I do every day. I think it’s showing in my patients and in their healthcare.” The next AIHM Fellowship meeting will take place September 23rd, 2018, during the AIHM Annual Conference in San Diego, California.

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