Corey Schuler, MS, DC, CNS, LN, Presents Education Tour

Beginning September 2014, Corey Schuler, MS, DC, CNS, LN, will present Exposing the Effects of Modern Stress: Nutritional Strategies to Optimize the HPA Axis, an education tour sponsored by Integrative Therapeutics. The tour will include 14 cities nationwide and starts September 10, 2014, in St Paul, Minnesota. 
In this continuing education seminar, Schuler will review the latest science on the relationships between neuroendocrine hormones and targets of intervention, clinical strategies to address the consequences of ongoing stress, and patient case studies.
According to the American Psychological Association, almost 80% of patients experience physical symptoms due to stress. Healthcare professionals must recognize when HPA axis function is a factor in overall wellness and which assessments and interventions may support a return to homeostasis.
To view the full tour schedule, please visit Naturopathic, chiropractic, and nutrition continuing education credits approved. Seating is limited and registration is required.