Help Fund Clinical Trial on Primary Dysmenorrhea

Do you or your patients experience primary dysmenorrhea? A clinical trial is being conducted at the National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM) exploring natural alternatives for period pain.

Naturopathic medicine student Christine McClure and Ryan Bradley, ND, MPH are conducting a clinical trial at NUNM examining Pau d’ Arco for primary dysmenorrhea.

This trial needs funding! Please visit to donate and share this campaign with your community!

Why Period Pain?

Over 90% of menstruating women are negatively impacted by primary dysmenorrhea and experience pelvic pain on a regular basis. This often results in significant absenteeism from work and school, with economic losses estimated at $2 billion annually. This is a significant and common problem, with a need for more treatment options.

Why Crowdsource Fundraising?

Women’s health research is understudied and underfunded, which makes it difficult to try to find more solutions. Since there is not a lot of funding for this area of research, a short timeline to find funding, and this problem affects a significant portion of the population, it made sense to see if the population would like to fund this research.

Why Pau d’ Arco?

Christine chose this herb because she’s seen it work before. The underlying theory is that this herb may work similarly to drugs like ibuprofen, but without the potential side effects. But we need more research to find out.

Why Should I Donate to and Share this Campaign?

This campaign is a student research project based on the social aim of decreasing pain in women, such that they can maintain productivity and a high quality of life all month long. Additionally, this helps naturopathic medicine by increasing positive visibility of our profession and adding to our evidence base. So please donate and share this campaign!

Any Questions?

Reach out to Christine at, or Dr. Ryan Bradley at