NANP Announces Certified Dietary Supplement Professional Credential


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National Association of Nutrition Professionals Announces First of Its Kind: Certified Dietary Supplement Professional (CDSP) Credential

CDSP raises the bar and delivers a new and authoritative standard in the supplement industry.


[Denver, CO]: National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP) recently announced the launch of their Certified Dietary Supplement Professional (CDSP) credential, a new and unique certification/credential for the holistic nutrition field of professionals.

CDSP is the first of its kind to standardize the necessary education and exam rigor for professionals who work in the supplement industry. This credential is for those who work in retail and clinical practice settings. It offers a positive new way for holistic nutrition professionals, health coaches, and licensed practitioners to showcase their education/credentials and elevate their careers.

NANP believes this new credential is a necessity in supporting the whole of holistic health professionals.

“A Certified Dietary Supplement Professional (CDSP) exemplifies the educational standards, code of ethics, and practice parameters set forth by the NANP. These skilled professionals are essential to the integrity, credibility, and protection of the dietary supplement industry. CDSPs are in high demand by the sophisticated health consumer of today, as well as the many retail and professional outlets that serve millions of health-conscious Americans. Becoming a CDSP is the right and responsible step toward building consumer confidence in a critical field for health,” said Nicole Hodson, NC, BCHN® (a graduate of Bauman College) and the Executive Director of the NANP.

The CDSP exam is available to those who possess an education in dietary supplements, including those who work in retail supplement sales, at supplement makers, distributors, and customer service departments, and in clinical settings where supplements are sold. This credential is also appropriate for practitioners who recommend nutritional supplements to their patients and clients.

Professional Association Membership

Those who pass the exam will be eligible for either Associate or Professional Membership in the NANP, gaining access to myriad benefits.

CDSP is available starting immediately. For more information, visit

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