TAP Integrative Launches Global Membership Initiative

TAP Integrative is globalizing the availability of their peer-reviewed, evidence-based educational resource for integrative healthcare professionals. The 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization just announced it’s a new international membership opportunity that would make the resource available to clinicians and practitioners in over 200 countries.
“Clinicians around the world are seeking the latest in integrative healthcare approaches and research, and we felt a need to answer their call,” said Lise Alschuler, ND, the executive director of TAP. “We are excited we can now offer this opportunity to them.”
Although TAP is headquartered in the United States, its membership inquiries come in from all over the world, so the new membership expansion fulfills an important global demand. Alschuler notes, “Clinicians aren’t the only ones asking for cutting-edge integrative medicine. Patients around the world are increasingly inquisitive about integrative treatments. TAP’s new membership options equip global health leaders with the newest, most reputable information they can share with their patients.”
Through TAP Integrative membership, professionals in the integrative medicine field gain access to a robust multimedia platform of original, peer-reviewed content from featured TAP clinician experts. New topics, experts, and materials are added on a regular basis, and materials include videos, research reviews, and more. Recent topics have included autism spectrum disorder, gluten sensitivity, depression, hypothyroidism, and numerous other health-related issues relevant to millions worldwide.