Lily Holmberg

Lily holds a bachelor’s degree in biology and a master’s degree in education. She has worked as a naturalist, a biology educator and has dedicated much of her career to premium, mission-driven and health-focused work starting with Whole Foods Market in the mid-2000s, at various roles over a ten year period at Gaia Herbs, and most recently at Ōura. Lily has presented on topics including herbalism and herbal supplements, medicinal mushrooms, hemp and more in front of national audiences.

As a committed gardener of medicinal plants, Lily maintains an urban garden in the Chicago metropolitan area and also cultivates land in the forests and fields of the Michigan countryside. She grows many varieties of unusual, rare, and commonly used herbs annually, using what she grows to promote health throughout the year.

Lily has been a runner for over twenty years and is passionate about movement, mindfulness, seeds and seed saving, gardening anywhere, hiking, yoga and advocating for people to spend more time in nature. Lily can also be found in her kitchen developing nutrient dense recipes for food, ferments, herbal teas, oils and more that she makes and shares with family and friends.