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Cancer survivors often find themselves “lost in transition” once the disease has been treated and they transfer from oncologists to primary care physicians. In this article, Shani Fox, ND, explores the idea of survivorship care plans and how holistic medicine may easily step in to fill the gaps left in the care of cancer survivors.
In this final article of a 3-part series, the authors provide information about continuing education opportunities that will enhance practitioners’ research literacy skills.
A report from the 12th Annual Restorative Medicine Conference, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, sponsored by Association for the Advancement of Restorative Medicine.
A recent study from the journal Thyroid found potentially dangerous adulteration in many popular thyroid supplements. All integrative practitioners who use thyroid support dietary supplements in their practices should be concerned and should commit to asking manufacturers if any product or its component ingredients have been tested for T3 and T4 adulteration.
The ability to access, interpret, and critically evaluate primary medical literature—is a skill natural medicine practitioners must develop to better educate their patients and promote their profession.
Recent research has called into question the efficacy of screening mammograms. Natural Medicine Journal asked women’s health expert and editorial board member Tori Hudson, ND, to weigh in and offer her guidance for integrative health practitioners. Should the new research change your approach to breast cancer screening?
The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP) recognized champions of naturopathic medicine at its annual conference and exposition held July 10-13 in Keystone, Colo. The awards honor and celebrate the work of leaders in the naturopathic medical community.
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This year's international conference of the Society for Integrative Oncology (SIO) was hosted by the University of New Mexico School of Medicine and held on October 8-10 in Albuquerque, NM. This is the 9th year the SIO held its annual conference and this year the focus was on patient-centered care with a special emphasis on eliminating social, cultural, and economic barriers to cancer care.
Mark Schulman, PhD, currently serves as president of Saybrook University, a premier graduate institution for humanistic studies in psychology, mind-body medicine, organizational systems, leadership, and human science.
Dedicated to increasing postgraduate residency and training opportunities for naturopathic doctors, NERC work has been with clinics across the country to provide official residencies for naturopathic physicians since 2005. Founded by Tori Hudson, ND, and Margaret Beeson, ND, NERC partners with clinics from Maine to Hawaii to create one- and two-year residency opportunities for new naturopathic doctors (NDs).