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The Leader in Quality Assurance: A Conversation with President and CEO Thomas J. Petrarca

By Natural Medicine Journal

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Approximate listening time is 15 minutes.

Thomas J. Petrarca is President and Chief Executive Officer of Vital Nutrients and RHG & Company, Inc. During the past seven years, he has been leading the strategic transformation of Vital Nutrients stressing quality as a key component of the company’s cultural philosophy. Thom has nearly sixteen years experience with professional medical and healthcare products, but his passion for mental, physical and spiritual health spans three decades. Prior to joining Vital Nutrients, he was the President and CEO of BC Corporation, a manufacturer with three strategic business units including a professional medical products group where quality assurance and control was mission critical. He graduated magna cum laude from Roger Williams University with a BS in management science and marketing; and received his MBA from the University of Rhode Island.

Vital Nutrients formulates and manufactures an extensive line of natural nutritional supplements with an unwavering commitment to delivering proven and verified quality and clinical effectiveness. No corners are cut when it comes to quality assurance at Vital Nutrients. We provide comprehensive proof—and fully guarantee—that our products are prepared in accordance with the highest standards of manufacturing practice and laboratory quality assurance.

To attain laboratory quality assurance, we audit and verify each of our independent laboratories to ensure that they follow scientifically valid analytical methods and ethical lab practices; we carefully research the scientific validity and reliability of laboratory test methods. As a result, the only laboratories that are allowed to test our products are those that use proper reference standards or scientifically valid testing methods.

At Vital Nutrients, we believe that there are two keys to producing consistent clinical benefit and value: excellent raw materials and finished product quality. That’s why we have assembled a team of qualified health professionals to formulate our products. And use only bona fide research—including published human and/or animal-based studies—to test them.

The only laboratories that are allowed to test our products are those that use proper reference standards or scientifically valid testing methods.

Our team of health professionals works to ensure that the raw materials we use produce the best clinical outcomes and that our products contain true therapeutic doses of the most beneficial active materials.

At Vital Nutrients, we adhere to the highest standards of quality assurance and manufacturing excellence. We are audited and independently certified for compliance with FDA Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and by the Natural Products Association (NPA). We meet or exceed the FDA’s Current Good Manufacturing Practice Guidelines (cGMPs) for nutritional supplements, and we follow detailed written standard operating procedures to ensure consistency and safety in every aspect of our manufacturing process.

In addition to our rigorous Quality Assurance program, Vital Nutrients was the first professional natural product manufacturer to put into place a finished product, expiration date, and stability-testing program. This program provides us with independent laboratory test data points to guarantee that our products meet 100% of label claim and validates our published expiration date.

Vital Nutrients manufactures its supplements in a clean, strictly controlled facility. We know precisely what goes into our products, and more importantly we know what is not in our products. This allows us to produce products that are free of unacceptable binders, excipients, and other potential allergy-causing or undesirable additives.

Our facility is staffed with a full-time quality assurance and quality control manager and quality control personnel to ensure consistent compliance with our industry-leading comprehensive quality system and FDA Good Manufacturing Practices.

You can depend upon Vital Nutrients to provide the finest quality natural products. We assure “proven and verifiable” quality and supply practitioners with clinically effective products and formulas. For more information, visit www.vitalnutrients.net.

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