July 2013 Vol. 5 Issue 7

Abstracts & Commentary

Chocolate May Improve Cognitive Function

by Jacob Schor, ND, FABNO  After 8 weeks, participants consuming the high and intermediate flavanol cocoa products did significantly better on both trail-making tests; had significantly better verbal fluency scores; and had significantly reduced insulin resistance, blood pressure, blood glucose, and levels of lipid peroxidation. None of these test results changed in participants who consumed the low-flavanol cocoa.

Statins may reduce cancer related mortality

by Jacob Schor, ND, FABNO  Statins can reduce risk of dying of breast cancer more than other adjuvant therapies in use. Statins do come with risks, but they seem to be of smaller magnitude than the cancer therapies currently considered routine. If we weigh risk versus benefit, the scale is starting to tip toward statins.

Baby's First Taste of Fish: Optimal Timing Prevents Asthma

by Setareh Tais, ND  Infants who were introduced to fish between 6 and 12 months had a statistically significant lower incidence of wheezing at 48 months when compared to infants who were not introduced to fish in the first year of life. Infants who were introduced to fish between 0 and 6 months had slightly higher risk of wheezing at 48 months. The consumption of less than 1/2 serving per week of fatty fish was associated with a significantly higher incidence of wheezing at 48 months.

Melatonin Supplementation Improves Sleep in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

by Jessica Mitchell, ND  Parents reported improvement in sleep difficulties, sleep onset delay, sleep duration, and sleep total. Parents also reported improvement of affect, attention deficit/hyperactivitiy disorder (ADHD) behaviors, repetitive behaviors, and compulsive behaviors. Parenting Stress Index improved.

Saffron Improves Sexual Dysfunction

by Heather Hausenblas, PhD  Modern in vitro and in vivo research provides validation of saffron as a potential medicinal plant, with studies indicating saffron has possible anticarcinogenic, antimutagenic, antioxidant, antidepressant, and memory-enhancing properties.

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Honokiol Research Review

by Isaac Eliaz, MD, MS, LAc  In this literature review we discuss the accumulating body of preclinical research which shows honokiol to have wide-ranging biological and clinically relevant effects, without appreciable toxicity. In vivo studies suggest that honokiol’s greatest value is in its multiple anticancer actions.

Healthcare Perspectives

AANP Recognizes Contributions to Naturopathic Medicine

by NMJ Editors The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP) recognized champions of naturopathic medicine at its annual conference and exposition held July 10-13 in Keystone, Colo. The awards honor and celebrate the work of leaders in the naturopathic medical community.


Minimizing Patient Opioid Use in Clinical Practice

by Karolyn A. Gazella Pain management expert Beth Darnall, PhD, discusses a wide variety of issues associated with opioid use, including advice on how practitioners can help their patients transition off their pain medications safely and effectively.