March 2014 Vol. 6 Issue 3

Healthcare Perspectives

Recent OncANP Conference Delivers Exceptional Content

by Tina Kaczor, ND, FABNO  Cutting-edge researchers and clinicians from North America presented at this year's annual conference of the Oncology Association of Naturopathic Physicians (OncANP). In a stirring keynote, Dan Rubin, ND, FABNO, the founding president of the organization, reminded the oncology-focused audience that their journey requires endurance and confidence in what they do.

Integrative Cancer Experts Weigh in on Recent Conference

by Karolyn A. Gazella At the recent OncANP conference, Natural Medicine Journal caught up with three leading experts in integrative oncology: Jacob Schor, ND, FABNO, Shauna Birdsall, ND, FABNO, and Dan Rubin, ND, FABNO.


Oncology Update: A discussion with Tina Kaczor, ND, FABNO, and Lise Alschuler, ND, FABNO

by Natural Medicine Journal When it comes to cancer prevention, adjuvant treatment, and survivorship, the integrative practitioner has a lot to offer. In this audio interview, leading oncology experts share their view of what is most compelling evidence regarding cancer development, progression, and treatment.

Working with Cancer Patients in a Primary Care Setting: An Interview with Amy Loschert, ND

by Natural Medicine Journal With rates of cancer continuing to increase, the primary care physician is seeing more people who have or have had a cancer diagnosis. In this interview, Amy Loschert, ND, provides some key advice to healthcare practitioners who are not trained in oncology.

Abstracts & Commentary

Flaxseed Reduces High Blood Pressure

by Jacob Schor, ND, FABNO  A recent study found that 30 grams of flaxseed per day significantly reduced blood pressure in hypertensive individuals. These results come as a pleasant surprise. To quote the lead author, Dr Delfin Rodriguez, "This reduction of SBP and DBP after administration of dietary flaxseed is the largest decrease in BP ever shown by any dietary intervention."

Environmental Toxins Increase Parkinson's Risk

by Tina Kaczor, ND, FABNO  Pesticides have been implicated in neurodegenerative diseases for decades. While association is not disputed, assumptions regarding causation require a better understanding of which pesticides are suspect and who is most susceptible to the neurotoxicity of these agents. This study seeks to answer these most practical questions.

Sugar Consumption Linked to Death From Cardiovascular Disease

by Sarah Bedell Cook, ND  Sugar consumption has increased dramatically in recent history, as has cardiovascular disease. This study seeks to determine the link between the two, and its results are clear: Consumption of added sugar increases the risk of death from CVD exponentially.

Aromatase Inhibitors May Prevent Cancer

by Ian Bier, ND, PhD, LAc  This paper is of importance for several reasons; first it may foretell a time when the standard of care suggests that women at high risk for breast cancer be prescribed anastrozole and our patients will be asking us for advice. Second, there are natural substances that have aromatase inhibitory action and data from this paper may encourage the use of these materials by certain patients.

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Effects of Green Coffee Bean Extract on Weight Loss

by Heather Hausenblas, PhD  In the past decade, increased research and media attention has been given to the weight loss effects of green coffee bean extract (GCBE). The purpose of our study was to perform a review and meta-analysis of available randomized clinical trials examining the effects of GCBE supplementation on weight loss in both normal weight and overweight/obese individuals.