January 2015 Vol. 7 Issue 1

Healthcare Perspectives

When Cancer Survivors Return to Primary Care

by Shani Fox, ND  Cancer survivors often find themselves “lost in transition” once the disease has been treated and they transfer from oncologists to primary care physicians. In this article, Shani Fox, ND, explores the idea of survivorship care plans and how holistic medicine may easily step in to fill the gaps left in the care of cancer survivors.

Perspectives on the Present Primary Care Crisis

by Karolyn A. Gazella The looming shortage of primary care physicians presents a potential crisis in the healthcare system. We talk with a medical doctor, a nurse practitioner, a naturopathic physician, and the executive director of the Academic Consortium for Complementary and Alternative Health Care to explore possible solutions.

Top 10 Stories of 2014

by Deirdre Shevlin Bell With a huge dose of gratitude to our many talented and dedicated contributors, let's take a look at the most popular articles of 2014.