September 2015 Vol. 7 Issue 9


Integrative Medicine Research Series, Episode 5

by Natural Medicine Journal Deborah Yurgelun-Todd, PhD, professor of psychiatry and director of the Cognitive Neuroimaging Laboratory at The Brain Institute at the University of Utah, Salt Lake City, describes her present research and the research she has conducted on brain supporting nutraceuticals such as citicoline. She also describes the importance of emphasizing risk reduction research and discovering ways to improve late life outcomes specific to brain function.

Exploring the Health Benefits of the Ancient Grain Einkorn

by Natural Medicine Journal Find out why the ancient wheat einkorn is well tolerated even by those patients who have severe gluten sensitivity. Why does einkorn contain 30% more protein and significantly higher amounts of other nutrients than modern wheat? With gluten sensitivity on the rise, practitioners are becoming more interested in alternatives for their sensitive patients. Is einkorn the answer?

Abstracts & Commentary

Rhodiola Rosea vs Sertraline for Major Depression

by Peter Bongiorno, ND, LAc  In the first randomized controlled trial comparing the efficacy of Rhodiola rosea and a pharmaceutical antidepressant, the result was technically a draw. But the study also raises important questions about whether trials on biologics—pharmaceutical or herbal—alone truly address the multiple layers of depression treatment.

Telomere Length, Maternal Depression, and Child Behavior

by Jaclyn Chasse-Smeaton, ND  In the first study to measure the effect of maternal clinical depression on telomere length (TL) and its relationship with oppositional defiant behavior preschoolers, researchers found that behavioral issues in children are linked to shorter TL and maternal depression.

Life Through Orange-colored Glasses

by Jacob Schor, ND, FABNO  In this crossover trial involving 13 healthy male adolescents, wearing blue-blocking, orange-tinted glasses before bed improved sleep disruption and led to better cognitive activation in the morning. Although preliminary, this study may pave the way for future studies that address sleep problems in any population whose quality of life is affected by poor sleep.

Waon Therapy Linked to Cardiovascular Health

by Heather Wright, ND, FABNO  According to this pilot study, patients with congestive heart failure (CHF) saw improvement in quality of life as well as many biochemical markers from a course of waon therapy, a Japanese sauna treatment.

Peer-Reviewed Articles

The Impact of Lactobacillus acidophilus Strain L-92 on Allergic Disease

by Ginny Bank, MS  Research has shown that prophylactic treatment, specifically with the probiotic Lactobacillus species, is a viable natural alternative in the treatment and possible prevention of allergic diseases. Lactobacillus acidophilus strain L-92 (L-92), a bacterial strain used widely in dietary supplements, cultured milk, and yogurt in Japan, has been shown to have potent antiallergic activity both in vitro and in vivo. This review summarizes and explores previous published research on L-92, including its proposed mechanisms of action based on animal and laboratory studies and evidence from clinical trials supporting its use in treatment of allergic diseases.