New Integrative Wisdom Website Raises Awareness of Integrative Medicine

Short, intimate videos with practitioners, writers, teachers, and others in the industry are meant to inspire and educate

By Natural Medicine Journal

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Countless individuals have seen, and experienced, the transformative power of integrative medicine. Now they’re working toward putting integrative medicine at the core of our healthcare system. To further this mission of making integrative medicine part of every healthcare discussion, Integrative Therapeutics™ has launched the industry’s first-ever collection of video interviews with individuals across the integrative medicine community. features short, intimate interviews with practitioners, writers, teachers, and others in the industry, who share their personal stories and take on big questions, such as, “What needs to happen for the industry to make another leap forward”? The site also looks to empower patients to be an active participant in their health.

“This is the perfect time to capture and share these stories because we are in the midst of a special moment in the industry,” said Mandy Kraynik, Vice President and General Manager of Integrative Therapeutics. “More people are recognizing the need to proactively manage their health and wellness, and they want knowledge about all options—both conventional and natural. It is our collective responsibility to empower people to make informed decisions.”

At launch, Integrative Wisdom showcases 40 video segments from 14 different speakers, including pioneers such as Dr. Joseph Pizzorno, founder of Bastyr University, and Dr. Elizabeth Mumper, founder, President, and CEO of The RIMLAND Center for Integrative Medicine. New videos will continue to be released in the coming months, including nearly 50 different segments from 12 new speakers.

The videos are intended to inspire, educate, and spark conversation. Natural Medicine Journal is pleased to help spread the word about this unique, new website. Here are some examples of videos from the site.

Be A Part of the Change, Dr. Tabatha Parker

True Healing Takes Commitment from the Patient, Dr. Holly Lucille

The Challenges in Founding Bastyr University, Dr. Joseph Pizzorno


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