May 2016 Vol. 8 Issue 5

Healthcare Perspectives

Integrative Health Insights: A Publisher’s Perspective

by Karolyn A. Gazella Natural Medicine Journal's publisher discusses the changes she has seen in integrative medicine over the past 24 years.

Abstracts & Commentary

Probiotics for the Prevention of Relapse of Ulcerative Colitis

by Mark Davis, ND  Study finds probiotics may be a promising low- to no-risk intervention to achieve remission for patients with inflammatory bowel disease.

Images of Nature May Improve Recovery From Stress Exposure

by Kurt Beil, ND, LAc, MPH  Study finds “green” images have restorative benefits, adding to growing evidence base for the hypothesis that exposure to nature, independent of how it is encountered, can be beneficial for human health and well-being.

Do Dietary Considerations Need Ethnic Context?

by Tina Kaczor, ND, FABNO  Observational study finds that a diet of seaweeds, vegetables, soy products, and mushrooms is associated with health benefits. Should we reconsider the one-size-fits-all Mediterranean diet?

N-acetylcysteine as Adjunctive Treatment for Schizophrenia

by Jacob Schor, ND, FABNO  Study finds N-acetylcysteine improves symptoms of schizophrenia, with an unexpected answer to the question: Is it more effective for early or longstanding illness?

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Breast Cancer and Fat Intake

by Jacob Schor, ND, FABNO  In the 1980s national policies directed at lowering fat consumption emerged. One of the many reasons for recommending fat restriction was the apparent association between high dietary fat and breast cancer incidence—an association based on epidemiological and case control data. We now know that epidemiological studies and case controlled studies are poor predictors of how dietary patterns influence cancer risk. Furthermore, newer, prospective studies no longer support the association between dietary fat and breast cancer except in a small subset of cancers.


An Integrative Approach to Enhancing Immunity

by Karolyn A. Gazella In this sponsored podcast integrative health expert Russell Jaffe, MD, PhD, CCN, describes a comprehensive approach to identifying immune dysfunction long before illness sets in. He also provides advice regarding diet, lifestyle, and dietary supplements. Jaffe explains why choice is far more significant than genetics and how to counsel patients about reducing immune burden.