October 2018 Vol. 10 Issue 101

Abstracts & Commentary

Fish Oil Supplementation in Adults With Hematological Malignancies

by Ellen McDonell, ND  In a recent controlled trial, 9 weeks of fish oil supplementation improved survival and reduced markers of inflammation in patients with blood cancers.

A Role for Protein Intake Before Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplantation

by Marie Winters, ND, FABNO  Muscle wasting and loss of muscle strength are common in the posttransplant period. In an encouraging study, consumption of a whey-soy blend in addition to a nutritional diet had positive effects on serum protein levels, muscle mass, and muscle strength in posttransplant patients.

Intravenous Application of Mistletoe Extract

by Miranda LaBant, ND  Mistletoe extract is a widely used natural cancer therapy, typically as an adjunct to conventional therapy, but evidence suggests its benefits and safety vary according to route of administration. A phase I study set out to answer questions about the safety and tolerability of intravenously administered mistletoe.

Green Tea and Breast Density in At-Risk Postmenopausal Women

by Zach Kadro, ND  Certain women with high breast density who are at risk for breast cancer may benefit from daily consumption of green tea extract.

Does Complementary Medicine Increase Risk of Death for Cancer Patients?

by Jacob Schor, ND, FABNO  The recent JAMA Oncology study on the risks of using complementary medicine after a cancer diagnosis provided sensational headlines—but did it provide any legitimate conclusions about the place of integrative medicine in cancer care?


Probiotics and Cancer Prevention: A Conversation with Ross Pelton, RPh, CCN

by Natural Medicine Journal In this podcast episode, we speak with Ross Pelton, RPh, CCN, about the variety of mechanisms of action that probiotics have when it comes to reducing cancer risk. Pelton also talks about colon cancer, H. pylori, and probiotic safety and dosage. Finally, he describes how to support a healthy microbiome with a healthy lifestyle.

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Let’s Talk About Sex: Sexuality During and After Cancer Treatment

by Judith Boice, ND, LAc, FABNO  Cancer and cancer treatments present special challenges that can affect sexuality and sexual desire. A review article thoughtfully addresses this overlooked aspect of patient care and provides practical suggestions for enhancing intimacy.