An Integrative Approach to Enhancing Immunity

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By Karolyn A. Gazella

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This article is part of our May 2021 special issue. Download the full issue here.

This special issue of the Natural Medicine Journal explores a variety of topics related to immune function—an important and timely theme that is top of mind for most integrative health professionals these days.

The sponsored podcast featuring integrative medical expert Russel Jaffe, MD, PhD, discusses ways to specifically enhance viral immunity. And another interview, this one featuring immunologist Heather Zwickey, PhD, explores how environmental factors affect the microbiome. In addition, our Abstracts & Commentary looks at a variety of recent research on immunity-related topics, including upper respiratory tract infections, hydrogen water, Porphyra tenera, probiotics, and fecal microbiota transplant. It’s obvious from this diverse offering that integrative medicine continues to offer many valuable tools to help enhance immunity as integrative practitioners continue to play an important role in helping their patients.

On behalf of the entire Natural Medicine Journal team, we thank you for your continued support and your ongoing efforts to keep your patients safe and healthy. As always, these publications would not be possible without the contributions of time and expertise from our writers, reviewers, and editorial board. We would also like to thank the advertisers who support our special issues. Please click on the ads to learn more about the quality products and companies featured in this issue. And finally, if you found this special issue interesting, please share it with a colleague.

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Karolyn A. Gazella

Publisher, Natural Medicine Journal

About the Author

Karolyn A. Gazella is the publisher of the Natural Medicine Journal and the host of the Natural Medicine Journal Podcast series. She also co-hosts the Five to Thrive Live weekly radio show on the Cancer Support Network, which is also widely available as a podcast. She has been writing and publishing integrative health information since 1992 and is the author or co-author of several books and booklets on a variety of holistic health topics.