June 2021 Vol. 13 Issue 6

Abstracts & Commentary

Can a Turmeric Extract Relieve Arthritic Pain as Well as Acetaminophen?

by Princess Burnett, ND  Turmeric improved pain, function, and stiffness better than acetaminophen in patients with knee osteoarthritis.

Effects of Fecal Microbiome Transfer in Adolescents with Obesity

by Mark Davis, ND  For overweight people with metabolic system and low gut diversity, FMT may offer a helpful intervention.

Melatonin May Improve Survival in Late-Stage Lung Cancer Patients After Surgical Resection

by Erica Joseph, ND, LAc  Lung cancer is the second most common cancer (excluding skin cancer) in both men and women. Supplementing treatment regimens with melatonin, especially in late-stage patients, has the potential to improve survival rates.

Exercise-Induced Improvements on Cognitive Measures of Generalization

by Maxwell Crispo, ND  Participation in a dance aerobics class resulted in a significant increase in the brain’s network flexibility and fewer errors on cognitive generalization tasks.


Loving-Kindness Meditation as a Healing Tool

by Natural Medicine Journal In this interview, Nancy Gahles, DC, CCH, RSHom(NA), OIM, explains why and how loving-kindness meditation, and meditation in general, can help with PTSD and other conditions.

Strategies to Make Treatment Adherence a Top Priority in Clinical Practice

by Natural Medicine Journal Low treatment adherence negatively impacts patient outcomes and limits the effective treatment of chronic conditions in clinical practice. In this interview, Alex Keller, ND, describes the key findings of a recent paper he coauthored with his colleagues.