May 2, 2019

Be Mindful

Celebrate Mindful May with IFNA discounts


Esteemed Colleagues,

In celebration of a 'Mindful May', we're excited to offer you a 15% discount toward Track 2 and Track 4!

If you’re an IFNA member, you can also apply your 10% membership discount code to receive additional savings!

Visit Track/Module Descriptions to see what you can look forward to in Tracks 2 and 4 (TED).

Register for Track 2 using promo code: MINDFUL15%TRACK2

Register for Track 4 (TED) using promo code: MINDFUL15%TRACK4

*Discounts are not transferable to other IFNA Tracks.

The deadline for this special offer is May 31st, 2019 at midnight EST.

We look forward to having you on board!

In health,

Sheila, Kathie & the IFN Academy™ Team

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