June 15, 2020

DaVinci Labs announces promotion of Alyssa Humphrey to Director of Research & Development

DaVinci® Labs is excited to announce the promotion of Alyssa Humphrey to Director of Research and Development.


DaVinci® Labs is excited to announce the promotion of Alyssa Humphrey to Director of Research and Development.

Having an incredible passion for research and nutrition science, Alyssa has earned a BS in molecular genetics and microbiology from the University of Vermont, an MS in nutrition and functional medicine from the University of Western States, and a certificate in clinical trial administration from the University of California San Diego.

Since joining DaVinci® in 2013, a business unit of FoodScience Corporation, Alyssa has demonstrated a solid commitment to creating the most clinically effective and highly researched formulas by being involved at every step of the process. As a result of this ongoing commitment, Alyssa has progressed from Product Development Administrator to, most recently, the R&D department’s Research Scientist. Over the past 6+ years, she has contributed to the commercialization of hundreds of nutraceutical formulations, helping dozens of practitioners design and launch formulas of their own and setting the stage for DaVinci® to deliver some of the most novel products to people who need them the most, year after year.

Beyond formulations, Alyssa has been a key player in strategic partnership with the University of Vermont for the development of nutrient delivery innovation and has spearheaded all of the research initiatives and study design DaVinci® has embarked on.

While this new role brings her more to the forefront of formulation and commercialization of new products, Alyssa will retain her oversight of all research initiatives, clinical trials and case studies being conducted on the DaVinci® product line. She will also serve as an educator and supportive resource for our amazing practitioner customer base.

Elevating Ms. Humphrey not only strengthens the DaVinci® team but also provides an even stronger foundation upon which to build out one of the industry’s premier product lines while bringing the most ground breaking innovation to market, something DaVinci® has done for nearly 50 years.

About FoodScience

FoodScience® Corporation was founded nearly 50 years ago by Guido and Maria Orlandi who had a passion for discovering, pioneering, and innovating alternatives for human and animal health solutions. Today FoodScience continues to pioneer and innovate by developing, manufacturing, and marketing trusted, high quality nutritional supplements and products for people and pets that exceed expectations, inspire healthy living, and help our customers, consumers, community, and employees thrive. FoodScience’s brands include VetriSCIENCE Laboratories®, DaVinci Laboratories®, and Pet Naturals®.

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