September 1, 2020

Fullscript is now a Certified Carbon Neutral Organization

Fullscript is now a Certified Carbon Neutral Organization

Fullscript proudly announces it is now a certified carbon-neutral organization, neutralizing its carbon footprint from January 1st, 2020 onwards.

Every day, thousands of people start their wellness journeys. Today, Fullscript starts its own. Fullscript is now certified by Carbonzero as a carbon-neutral organization, offsetting emissions from January 1st, 2020 onwards.

Fullscript will offset approximately 3,364 tons of CO2 equivalent emissions in 2020 and will invest further in projects to directly reduce its carbon footprint as the company continues to grow. Going forward, any emissions that Fullscript can't eliminate will be offset through investments in verified greenhouse gas reduction projects, such as those provided by Carbonzero.

“Fullscript is proud to be certified carbon neutral as of 2020. This is the first big step in our sustainability journey, but it’s far from the end. We’re committed to continually reinventing our practices to help our planet get better,” said Fullscript Chief Executive Officer Fran Towey. “Together, we’re tackling climate change for the health of our planet and of all people.”

Climate change is a major threat to global health, and today’s announcement represents a commitment from Fullscript to act as a leader in the healthcare industry on climate issues.

“Environmental conditions are key to a holistic approach to wellness. Climate change threatens key determinants of health such as clean air to breathe, safe drinking water, and access to quality food,” said Fullscript Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Jeffrey Gladd, MD. “Carbon-neutrality is an excellent example of proactive measures to ensure the health of our planet, and by extension, the health of our people.”

To learn more about Fullscript’s vision of becoming a net-zero emission organization read the full article in the Fullscript Knowledge Center.

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