March 8, 2019

Jaffe Lectures on Advanced Predictive Biomarkers for Cardiac Health at 2019 International College of Integrative Medicine Conference

Russell Jaffe Lectures on Advanced Predictive Biomarkers for Cardiac Health at 2019 International College of Integrative Medicine Conference

Integrative medicine thought-leader Russell Jaffe, MD, PhD, CCN presents a rethinking of cardiovascular diseases at Spring 2019 International College of Integrative Medicine Conference in Philadelphia.


ASHBURN, VA – Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) increasingly afflict men and women of all ages. In his presentation at the Spring 2019 ICIM conference, PERQUE Integrative Health Founder, Russell Jaffe, MD, PhD, CCN reviews research and other evidence in support of a rethinking of CVD by looking at causes rather than symptomatic consequences.

Evidence-based clinical management of long-standing health issues such as CVD requires addressing 3 basic elements: cumulative repair deficits, oxidative damage, and metabolic acidosis. Additionally, Jaffe explains, “in order to tailor therapeutic management, it is essential to evoke the internal human healing response and remove any obstacles for recovery. This means utilizing predictive tests that confirm specific individual need to initiate restorative healing.”

In this presentation,  Jaffe elaborates on measures of antioxidant protection from oxidative damage such as high sensitivity C reactive protein, homocysteine, Omega 3 index and 8OhdG. Metabolic acidosis and alkalinization, as well as corresponding essential cardioprotective nutrients are also reviewed.

Jaffe describes this talk as “a presentation of the evidence in support of these primary, predictive tests and how they relate to more conventional measures of CVD pathology. My goal is to equip practitioners with the actionable information they need to better remove obstacles to recovery, in the comprehensive, evidence-based and personalized care they provide.”

Healthcare practitioners interested in learning more about these Predictive Biomarkers are invited to watch the Virtual Predictive Biomarker Workshop. Register here.


About Russell Jaffe, MD, PhD, CCN

Jaffe is CEO and Chairman of PERQUE Integrative Health (PIH) and is one of the pioneers of integrative and regenerative medicine. Since inventing the world’s first single step amplified (ELISA) procedure in 1984, a process for measuring and monitoring all delayed allergies,  Jaffe has continually sought new ways to help speed the transition from our current healthcare system’s symptom-reactive model to a more functionally integrated, effective and compassionate system. PIH is the outcome of years of  Jaffe’s scientific research. It brings to market three decades of rethinking safer, more effective, novel and proprietary dietary supplements, supplement delivery systems, diagnostic testing, and validation studies.

Who is PERQUE Integrative Health?

PERQUE Integrative Health (PIH) is dedicated to speeding the transition from sickness care to healthful caring. Delivering novel, personalized health solutions, PIH gives healthcare practitioners and patients the tools to achieve sustained optimal wellness. Combining the best in functional, evidence-based testing with premium professional supplements, and healthful lifestyle guides, PIH solutions deliver successful outcomes in even the toughest cases. Visit and for more.

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