July 1, 2021

A Message from Designs for Health Chief Medical Officer

A Message from Designs for Health Chief Medical Officer

This year marks the return of our annual clinical and educational conference, CASI: Clinical Applications of Scientific Innovation.

Education is integral to our brand here at Designs for Health. As our hallmark educational initiative, CASI serves as the pinnacle of our ongoing commitment to equip you with the latest thinking in integrative and functional medicine.

This year, I am especially excited that we will be featuring education from some of the most respected thought leaders in our industry on a theme that is ever-evolving and timely in the research and clinical settings: longevity, healthy aging, and wellness throughout the entire lifespan.

At CASI 2021, our sessions will cover a diverse range of relevant topics, including autophagy, senolytics, cell biology, neurodegeneration, metabolism, nutrigenomics, integrative pediatrics, and much more. I'm honored that we will be featuring not one, but two keynote speakers, Dr. Dale Bredesen and Dr. Robert Naviaux, both of whose work is expanding the landscape of clinical care.

Best of all, CASI offers a unique opportunity to translate theory into practice and research into real-world applications through our clinical tracks. In each of these collaborative workshop sessions, lead clinicians will translate the knowledge you acquire during our CEU-accredited sessions into applications, equipping you with the tools to make an immediate impact on your practice and patient outcomes. In addition, as always, we make sure to weave in plenty of fun and relaxation at each CASI conference, with this year's event featuring our welcome reception, gala dinner, morning yoga, peer group interaction, and other onsite amenities.

CASI is more than an educational conference — it is an immersive experience. With CASI, we are dedicated to expanding your professional network, providing you with exclusive access to subject matter experts, and elevating your clinical acumen.

Ultimately, our goal is to empower you with the products, partners, and practice-building solutions that will change the way you change the world — one patient at a time.

I am honored to invite you to our CASI 2021 event and look forward to seeing you there!

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David M. Brady,



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