September 23, 2020

New Dietary Supplement Quality Guide is Now Available

New Dietary Supplement Quality Guide is Now Available


Fullscript is proud to announce the launch of a new integrative medicine clinical guide for healthcare practitioners addressing how to evaluate dietary supplement quality.

“As integrative healthcare practitioners, we use dietary supplements to help enhance clinical outcomes,” says Dr. Alex Keller, ND, Medical Director of Fullscript. “Considering the diversity of supplements available, there is nothing more important than ensuring safety and quality when it comes to the supplements we recommend.”

The guide features comprehensive information about regulations, third-party certifications, and suggestions for how to interact with dietary supplement manufacturers, as well as communicating quality to patients. Written by accomplished integrative medicine writer and publisher Karolyn Gazella of the Natural Medicine Journal, the guide also features important insights from several key industry experts.

Healthcare practitioners can access the free online guide by clicking here.

As the industry’s first virtual dispensary, Fullscript combines the top tech, deep integrative medical knowledge, and the most comprehensive catalog of practitioner-grade supplements. With features like EHR integrations, patient refill reminders, the ability to add multiple practitioners and staff, an evidence-based protocol library, and an easy-to-use prescription tool for sending digital recommendations to patients, it’s an always-accessible solution that helps people get better every day.

For more information, click here.

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