December 6, 2017

SCU Launches Forward-Looking Programs for Healthcare Professionals

The New Programs Will Provide Healthcare Practitioners with Cutting-Edge Instruction in Advancing Healthcare Fields

The New Programs Will Provide Healthcare Practitioners with Cutting-Edge Instruction in Advancing Healthcare Fields

California University of Health Sciences (SCU) recently announced the launch of four new progams as part of its expanding School of Professional Studies. The new courses align with SCU’s vision of excellence and leadership in educating competent and caring integrative practitioners in an evidence-based and interprofessional educational environment. Designed by top thought leaders and medical professionals in the integrative healthcare sphere, the courses are intended to provide tangible tools and techniques to prepare practitioners for emerging healthcare practices.

The four new hybrid/online programs are:

  • Clinical Genomics and Precision Medicine for Healthcare Professionals: This unique, six-month genetic training is ahead of its time and unlike anything currently offered in the health-related educational marketplace. Practitioners will develop practical skills necessary to identify and evaluate genetic testing laboratories and reports related to nutrigenomics, epigenetics, and pharmacogenomics while being exposed to groundbreaking and innovative modules focused on the future of this rapidly growing field. Some of the many topics will include new sequencing technologies, artificial intelligence in healthcare, gene editing, “citizen scientist gene hacking,” ethical issues, and implications on public health as it relates to both corporate and direct-to-consumer genetic testing. All courses are online (asynchronous). The first cohort is set to begin late Spring, 2018.
  • Yoga Foundations for Healthcare Professionals: This training offers a rigorous introduction to how yoga can be utilized by healthcare professionals—on and off the mat. While most foundational yoga programs are tailored toward the general public regardless of healthcare related background, this unique program is designed for healthcare practitioners and their patients. The hybrid program starts January 8, 2018, and is comprised of four online courses and four weekend intensives at a total of 200 hours.
  • Clinical Nutrition for Healthcare Professionals: These individual online courses are based on current scientific evidence and include practical and clinically-relevant information. The training prepares practitioners to help patients sustain an optimal nutritional balance. The self-directed competency-based model allows participants to save time and money and progress on their schedule - at their own pace while fulfilling hours for the Certified Nutrition Specialist credential.
  • Health Coaching for Healthcare Professionals: This program provides participants with an in-depth understanding of a powerful coaching methodology. Practitioners will develop their ability to assist patients through an authentic healing presence. All courses are online (synchronous and a-synchronous) with one scheduled on-campus weekend intensive during the seven-month program. The program starts January 8, 2018.

“SCU has always been a leader in disruptive innovation in the healthcare education space. Our goal is to transform health and redefine healthcare education by providing students and healthcare practitioners with emerging integrative, interprofessional educational opportunities that prepare them to be leaders in the healthcare system of the future. The four new programs are yet another step towards fulfilling this goal,” says SCU’s President President/CEO, John Scaringe, DC, EdD.

The Instructors/Creators weigh-in

Yoga for Healthcare Professionals

Laura Schmalzl, PhD, Associate Professor, College of Science and Integrative Health, SCU

“This program is the first 200-hour yoga training of its kind for healthcare professionals specifically targeting the integration of yoga into other healthcare modalities. A hybrid model of learning consisting of both in person sessions and online modules will allow busy professionals the chance to learn in a way that suits their lifestyle. Given that the program is open to healthcare professionals from a wide variety of disciplines, it will provide the participants with a unique interprofessional education platform.”

Clinical Genomics and Precision Medicine for Healthcare Professionals

Dan Handley, M.S., Ph.D

“Medicine is currently undergoing a veritable revolution due to rapid technological advances and accumulating knowledge in clinical genomics and personalized medicine. We, at Southern California University of Health Sciences, have developed a continuing education course for health practitioners on the essential concepts and practical aspects of clinical genomics and personalized medicine so that they are better able to take advantage of these medical advancements, improve patient care and outcomes, and better educate their patients.”

Gena E. Kadar DC, MS, MEdL, CNS, Course Developer and Instructor, Associate Professor & Chair, Department of Nutrition, SCU

“With poor nutrition being considered one of the leading causes of preventable death in the US it is critical that healthcare providers from all backgrounds can effectively counsel patients on healthy dietary practices. I’m delighted that through these innovative online nutrition courses we can now offer practitioners access to this critical training, anytime and anywhere.”

Health Coaching for Healthcare Professionals

Dr. Joel Kreisberg, DC, PCC , Program Developer and Instructor

“The new Health Coaching for Healthcare Professionals program reflects SCU’s commitment to innovation and leadership in the field of integrative health and medicine. Our program is the first of its kind for practitioners of Chiropractic and Acupuncture. Health coaching emphasizes positive communication skills such as active listening and motivational interviewing. Integrative physicians will find these skills effective for lasting behavioral changes for their patients, plus a renewed satisfaction with clinical encounters. With the recent recognition of board certification by the National Board of Medical Examiners, health coaching is taking its place as a powerful new intervention for many of the most common chronic conditions faced by modern individuals. “

For more information about these programs, please visit: or contact SCU’s Office of Admissions: 877-434-7757.

About Southern California University of Health Sciences

Founded in 1911, Southern California University of Health Sciences is located on a 25-acre campus in Whittier, California. SCU, one of the nation’s leading universities for integrative health, recently launched the first interprofessional, integrative Masters in Physician Assistant program of its kind. SCU is comprised of Los Angeles College of Chiropractic (LACC), College of Eastern Medicine, College of Science and Integrative Health, and School of Professional Studies. A pioneer in interprofessional, integrative health education, SCU offers programs leading students to successful and significant careers in patient care. For over a century, SCU faculty has drawn upon their experience and their passion for teaching to educate practitioners who are transforming the face of healthcare around the world.


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