April 17, 2024

An Integrative Approach to Treating Mold Illness

Treating mold illness can be challenging. That’s why an integrative approach to diagnosis and treatment is often needed. In this interview, Eric Dorninger, ND, LAc, describes his integrative mold illness protocol. At his practice in Louisville, CO, Dorninger is well-versed in finding and treating underlying causes of chronic illness, which includes mold illness.

About the Expert

Eric Dorninger, ND, LAc, began his healthcare journey with a pre-med degree from the University of Colorado, Boulder, where he immersed himself in diverse medical experiences, from volunteering at Porter Care Hospice to training as an EMT under herbalist Brigette Mars. His passion for holistic healing led him to pursue a doctor of naturopathic medicine and master of science in acupuncture at Bastyr University, culminating in a residency in naturopathic primary care. In 2005, he founded Roots and Branches Integrative Health Care, focusing on uncovering the root causes of chronic illness. Dorninger is not concerned with “what you have” as much as he is with “why you have it.” He uses reproducible, validated labs and imaging to find hidden, underlying causes of mystery illnesses and brings a relentlessly thorough diagnostic approach to solving the riddles of chronic illness. Dorninger's commitment to innovative diagnosis and treatment extends to his role as a certified Shoemaker practitioner, educator, researcher, and podcast host, enriching the field with his holistic approach to health and wellness.

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