September 1, 2021

An Introduction to the Traditional Healing Medicine of Curanderismo

A conversation with Professor Thomas Chavez, PhD

In this interview, professor Thomas Chavez, PhD, explains the philosophy, rituals, and culture of Curanderismo. Chavez, who teaches at the University of New Mexico, shines a light on this important traditional medicine that originates from Mexico and the southwestern United States. He also discusses the upcoming keynote he will be delivering at the Integrative Medicine for the Underserved (IM4US) annual conference to be held virtually on September 23-25. To find out more about this conference, visit

Approximate listening time: 23 minutes

About the Expert

Thomas Anthony Chavez, PhD, is a counseling psychologist and professor in counselor education at the University of New Mexico. He has served underserved communities through clinical and community work. His primary teaching is focused on culticulturalism/social justice/critical theory/diversity in the helping professions. His scholarly/research interests have centered on Latinx health and wellness. In addition, he is a traditional healing practitioner. His current mission is to formally evaluate the effects of traditional healing from the traditions of Mexico and the U.S. Southwest from a wellness perspective. Further, he is working toward integrating traditional healing with allopathic medicine. Chavez earned his doctorate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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