September 2012 Vol. 4 Issue 9

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Aloe Vera Gel Research Review

by Oliver Grundmann, BPharm,ms,PHD 

Abstracts & Commentary

N-Acetylcysteine in the Treatment of Childhood Autism

by Kaycie Rosen Grigel, ND  Some models are now indicating that the expression of ASD traits are associated with glutamate receptor dysregulation, rather than absolute glutamate levels.

The Complex Health Effects of Coffee

by Petra Eichelsdoerfer, ND, CN, RPh  In longitudinal cohort study, 440,260 participants were followed for 14 years to measure the effects and outcomes of drinking coffee.

Pelargonium Sidoides for Pediatric Bronchitis

by Jaclyn Chasse-Smeaton, ND  Patients aged 1–18 were included if they were diagnosed with acute bronchitis, symptoms started less than 48 hours before the inclusion in the study, and their BSS score was ≥5 at the time of screening. Exclusion criteria included concomitant medication that could impair study results, allergic asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), bleeding disorders, immunosuppression, and chronic disease of the heart, liver, or kidney.

Omega-3 Fatty Acid and Epilepsy

by Barry W. Ritz, PhD  Patients had experienced at least 2 refractory focal seizures per month in the 3 months prior to the study and were on between 1 and 4 antiepileptic drugs (AEDs). Patients were excluded if their diet included oily fish (>1 meal/week) or omega-3 fatty acid supplements. Patients were administered 1,000 mg of EPA daily for 12 weeks, in concurrence with their existing AED treatment, and recorded seizure activity throughout the study.

Ubiquinol for Idiopathic Male Factor Infertility

by Setareh Tais, ND  In a double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized study, 114 healthy men with primary, idiopathic male infertility were given 200 mg ubiquinol per day for 26 weeks, while the other 114 men who participated received a placebo to find out if there would be any changes in sperm concentration.

Healthcare Perspectives

AANP Annual Convention Review

by Natural Medicine Journal The 27th Annual Convention & Exposition of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians was held August 15-18, 2012, in Bellevue, Wash. The AANP convention is an advanced program designed for naturopathic physicians and other healthcare professionals and medical students.

Book Reviews

What Went Wrong: The Truth Behind the Clinical Trial of the Enzyme Treatment of Cancer

by Greg Nigh, ND, LAc  A rigorously and meticulously documented crime shares with an autopsy at least two qualities. The first is that the important story is revealed in the details. The second is that, if it carries on for too long, the subject runs the risk of becoming somewhat stale.


Society for Integrative Oncology Gears Up for 9th International Conference

by Karolyn A. Gazella In October the Society for Integrative Oncology (SIO) will host its 9th international conference in Albuquerque, NM. SIO President, Kara Kelly, MD, describes the agenda and discusses her thoughts on what the future holds for the practice of integrative oncology. The SIO's mission is to advance evidence-based, comprehensive, integrative healthcare to improve the lives of people affected by cancer.

Exploring Environmental Medicine with Women's Health Expert Marianne Marchese, ND

by Karolyn A. Gazella Marianne Marchese, ND, author of 8 Weeks to Women's Wellness (Smart Publications, 2011), explains why environmental medicine has become a key to her practice. Marchese describes the types of conditions that may lend themselves to the use of environmental medicine, as well as the key tests she uses. She also provides an overview of the detoxification protocol she uses.