March 2013 Vol. 5 Issue 3

Abstracts & Commentary

Effects of Lactobacilli Suppositories on Vaginal Ecology During Pregnancy

by Jaclyn Chasse-Smeaton, ND  The mechanism by which these pathogenic flora impact cervical competence is not well understood. Regardless of the mechanism, it is clear that vaginal ecology has an effect on the ability of the cervix to maintain a pregnancy, and that administration of a vaginal suppository of Lactobacillus is effective to not only correct vaginal ecology, but in this case, to also mitigate the risk of preterm birth associated with the presence of pathogenic flora in the vaginal vault.

Acupuncture in Treating Cancer-Related Fatigue

by Carl Hangee-Bauer, ND, LAc  Acupuncture, however, is an adjunctive therapy that appears to be one of the least controversial of the CAM therapies available to cancer patients. It is often sought out by cancer patients wishing to support their current treatment and improve their health and wellness during and after their treatments. Unlike herbal medicines and nutritional supplements, there are fewer concerns about treatment interference or conflicts in care.

Dietary Choline Increases Prostate Cancer Deaths

by Jacob Schor, ND, FABNO  The top 5 foods contributing to choline in the diets of the participants were whole eggs, beef, skim milk, reduced-fat milk, and poultry without skin.

Dietary Glycemic Load and Colon Cancer

by Laura Perkowski, ND  The effect of metabolic syndrome on the risk and prognosis of colon cancer has been well documented.3–6 Metabolic syndrome is defined as having at least 3 of the following: central obesity, hypertension, abnormal blood lipid levels, and high blood glucose level.


A Novel Way to Identify Food Intolerance: Interview with Walter Crinnion

by Natural Medicine Journal In this interview, leading expert in environmental medicine and food sensitivities, Walter Crinnion, ND, compares and contrasts existing food-testing methods with a new kit healthcare practitioners can use. He also describes symptoms and prevalence of food sensitivities.

Addressing Underlying Anxiety in Today's Patient Population: An Interview with Lise Alschuler, ND, FABNO

by Natural Medicine Journal According to esteemed naturopathic oncologist Lise Alschuler, ND, FABNO, addressing issues of anxiety will help impact the success of therapeutic regimens used for other conditions. In this podcast, Alschuler discusses her top 3 most scientifically validated and clinically useful biological therapies for treating anxiety. She also makes the connection between stress and anxiety and talks about the important role the integrative practitioner can play in helping with address both.

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Resveratrol: Bottom Line Monograph

by Natural Standard Most herbs and supplements have not been thoroughly tested for interactions with other herbs, supplements, drugs, or foods. The interactions listed below are based on reports in scientific publications, laboratory experiments, or traditional use.