May 2017 Vol. 9 Issue 5

Abstracts & Commentary

Effects of Forest Bathing on Elderly COPD Patients

by Kurt Beil, ND, LAc, MPH  Exciting results from a novel study investigating the effects of Shinrin-yoku in patients with respiratory disease elevate the potential clinical applications of forest bathing—but also raise more questions.

Natural Treatments for Anxiety and Depression

by Peter Bongiorno, ND, LAc  Prescription antidepressants are only marginally effective for mild to moderate depression, and anxiolytic medications, though effective in the short term, have a number of potential adverse effects. An encouraging study found a holistic, naturopathic approach significantly reduced symptoms of both anxiety and depression in its patient population.

Beneficial Microbe Repairs and Protects Against Aspirin-Induced Injury

by Rebecca Lovejoy, ND, LAc  Although low-dose aspirin (LDA) reduces cardiovascular risk and may even help prevent certain cancers, it can wreak havoc on the stomach and small bowel. Could adding lactobacillus-rich yogurt to the diet help protect the gut lining from LDA damage?

Are Cancer Survivorship Care Plans Doing More Harm Than Good?

by Matt Mumber, MD  Survivorship Care Plans are intended to facilitate efficient continuity of care and to provide cancer survivors with a resource to address treatment-related symptoms and risk reduction. But a recent study shows they may be causing undue anxiety instead.

Coffee and Hypertension

by Jacob Schor, ND, FABNO  Some of us get “the jitters” when we drink too much coffee, so we intuitively expect the relationship between coffee consumption and blood pressure to be positively linear. Results from a recent study say otherwise.


A Physiology-First Approach to Treating Lyme Disease

by Natural Medicine Journal Lyme disease can be a challenging condition to treat. In this interview, integrative medicine expert, Russell Jaffe, MD, PhD, CCN, describes his treatment approach and also explains the important connection between Lyme disease and small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO).

Letters to the Editor

Autoinflammatory Syndrome Induced by Adjuvants (ASIA) Syndrome is Misguided

by Arthur Brawer, MD, PA  Arthur E. Brawer, MD, points out problems he sees with a Natural Medicine Journal paper on ASIA syndrome.

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Mediterranean Diet for Cancer Prevention

by Michelle Qaqundah, ND, FABNO  The benefits of a Mediterranean diet have been touted for years, but evidence of its health-promoting effects continues to mount. This article reviews more recent studies that underscore the diet’s cancer-preventing effects, and provides an in-depth analysis of the diet itself, including specific suggestions for food selection and preparation to improve adherence.