July 2017 Vol. 9 Issue 7

Abstracts & Commentary

Stress Hormones and Ovarian Cancer Prognosis

by Lise Alschuler, ND, FABNO  Studies continue to show a link between stress and prognosis in women with ovarian cancer. Understanding the clinical implications of the connection is essential. How can natural medicine help?

How Inhaled Nanoparticles Contribute to Vascular Disease

by Jacob Schor, ND, FABNO  Exposure to airborne environmental nanoparticles is associated with cardiovascular disease. A new study sheds light on exactly how inhaled nanoparticles contribute to vascular inflammation.

Can Camping Reset Melatonin Production?

by Kurt Beil, ND, LAc, MPH  Circadian rhythm disruption has negative effects on health and well-being. A novel, real-world study in human participants sheds light on natural solutions for rhythm modulation.

Tailored Vitamin D Supplementation in Early Breast Cancer

by Heather Wright, ND, FABNO  Because vitamin D sufficiency has been associated with improved mortality risk in women with breast cancer, vitamin D repletion should be an important goal. Should we rethink our traditional approach to supplementation?

DASH Diet Helps Reduce Risk of Gout

by Ronald Hoffman, MD  Most clinicians recommend a low-purine diet for patients with gout. A recent prospective study adds to mounting evidence that uric acid is only part of a larger problem, which should change our dietary recommendations.

Book Reviews

Book Review: Nutritional Medicine, 2nd Edition

by Jacob Schor, ND, FABNO  In the latest edition of his classic reference, Nutritional Medicine, Gaby has managed to summarize everything he knows about nutritional medicine (and probably a few things he has forgotten) and put it all into a logical order in book form. Having it in your library is like having a private hotline to Dr Gaby, being able to ask, “What would you do?”


New Insights Into the Clinical Use of Ascorbate

by Natural Medicine Journal While vitamin C may seem like a straightforward topic, it's actually rather complicated. In this interview, leading integrative medical expert Russell M. Jaffe, MD, PhD, describes some of the clinical complexities associated with this popular nutrient.