December 6, 2023

Early Detection of Ovarian Cancer

A discussion with researcher Bodour Salhia, PhD

While ovarian cancer is not nearly as common as breast cancer, it is 3 times as deadly. Early diagnosis remains key to survival. In this interview, University of Southern California researcher and professor Bodour Salhia, PhD, describes why ovarian cancer is so lethal. She also discusses a recent paper that she and her colleagues published regarding the potential of early detection of the deadliest form of ovarian cancer.

About the Expert

Bodour Salhia, PhD, is the interim chair of the Department of Translational Genomics at the Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California, and a member of the Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center. She is coleader of the Epigenetic Regulation in Cancer Program and director of the Inaugural Preclinical Models Shared Resource at USC Norris. She is an elected member of the Keck School of Medicine Faculty Council and is the Co-Chair of the University Research Committee. Salhia earned her bachelor of science, master of health science, and doctorate degrees at the University of Toronto.

As a translational scientist with extensive knowledge and expertise in mechanisms that underlie tumorigenesis and tumor biology, Salhia merges cutting-edge genomics/epigenomics analyses with cell biological and functional studies toward the investigation of clinically relevant problems in human cancer and other disease processes.

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