GI Tract Energetics- Role of the Mitochondria and NAD+ for Optimized Outcomes

Thursday, October 20, 2022 | (Recorded)
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The GI tract has long been associated as the foundation for wellness, even recognized by Hippocrates 400 BCE, with the quote: “All Disease Begins in the Gut.” 

 Science has now demonstrated that the microbiome and digestive capacity within the GI tract have a ripple effect throughout the trillions of cells that comprise the human organism. We now appreciate the concept of “Leaky Gut and Leaky Brain,” which is particularly interesting as we once thought the blood-brain barrier was essentially impenetrable. 

The microbiota and structures of the GI tract require sufficient ATP production to allow for daily repair and maintenance. Including the small intestine brush border, GI tract immune system, digestive capacity, and neurotransmitter production.

Learning Objectives:

  • Supporting Mitochondrial Performance to Energize GI Protocols Therapeutics
  • Role of the Microbiome, Short Chain Fatty Acids, and Mitochondrial Function
  • NAD Sufficiency to Address Mitochondrial Energetics
  • Working Knowledge of the Interplay between the Mitochondria and Microbiome (M&M)


Dr. Chris D. MeletisDr. Chris D. Meletis is a clinician, educator, international author, and lecturer for 26 years. He has authored over a dozen books and over 200 national scientific articles in such journals and magazines as Natural Health, Alternative and Complementary Therapies, Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, Life Extension, Natural Pharmacy and the Journal of Restorative Medicine.

Dr. Meletis served as Dean of Naturopathic Medicine and Chief Medical Officer for seven years at NUNM, the oldest naturopathic medical school in North America. He has received numerous awards including, Physician of the Year by the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians & Excellence Award for his work in treating and advocating for the medically underserved.


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