Revitalizing Health at the Core: Nurturing Healing, Nutrient Repletion, and Nitric Oxide for Optimal Blood Flow

Thursday, July 18, 2024 | (Recorded)
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Embark on a transformative exploration into the nexus of healing and nutrient repletion, by focusing on one element to our body’s natural capabilities: blood flow. The catalyst of this holistic paradigm is Nitric Oxide, a natural signaling molecule and vasodilator with the transformative power to orchestrate overall well-being through supporting optimal blood flow. Healthy blood flow through Nitric Oxide optimization fosters heart health, hormonal equilibrium, gut harmony, cognitive acuity, sexual vitality, and provides a foundation for overall wellbeing. Envision a holistic strategy where healthcare seamlessly converges with nutritional excellence. Through targeted nutrient repletion protocols via supporting the dietary nitrate pathway you can provide your patients with the essential building blocks required for optimal healing and well-rounded health. This transforms care into a system of addressing chronic symptoms and nutrient repletion fuels the restoration process—cultivating a thriving, resilient body. Patients will embark on a transformative journey toward not just symptom relief but a vibrant, whole-body wellness rooted in optimal blood flow and healing.


Navaz Habib, MD
Founder & Functional Health Consultant, Health Upgraded

Dr. Navaz Habib, is the author of ‘Activate Your Vagus Nerve’ and host of ‘The Health Upgrade Podcast’. Dr. Habib graduated as class valedictorian from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 2010 and went on to practice traditional chiropractic for years, until he utilized the power of functional medicine to transform his own health. He is the founder of ‘Health Upgraded’ an online functional health consulting clinic, supporting optimal health by elevating the awareness and function of the Vagus nerve.

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