Strategies to Make Treatment Adherence a Top Priority in Clinical Practice

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By Natural Medicine Journal

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Low treatment adherence negatively impacts patient outcomes and limits the effective treatment of chronic conditions in clinical practice. In this interview, Alex Keller, ND, describes the key findings of a recent paper he coauthored with his colleagues. He also describes key strategies that integrative practitioners can use to help improve treatment adherence. Keller is the medical director at Fullscript, an industry-leading health technology platform that facilitates virtual dispensing of practitioner-grade dietary supplements.

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About the Expert

Alex Keller

Alex Keller, ND, CISSN, is a practicing naturopathic doctor in Ottawa, Canada. Keller is the cofounder of an integrative physical therapy clinic and maintains a practice focus in pain management, performance, and stress resilience for athletes. He serves as the medical director at Fullscript, where he oversees the 15-member Integrative Medical Advisory Team (IMAT), which develops dietary supplement-related educational content for the Fullscript ecosystem.

Prior to medicine, Alex worked in the renewable energy sector, where he developed a deep passion for sustainable agriculture and environmental stewardship. Today, he splits his professional time practicing as a clinician, working for Fullscript, and developing a permaculture operation. He and his wife, Jenn Keller, ND, raise their family and approximately 20 farm animals on a farm that they’re in the process of converting into an integrative health retreat and botanical medicine learning center.

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